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Indigo Hand by BUAISOU – London Craft Week

Coal Drops Yard, working closely with Company Place and Kiosk N1C, commissioned Beams & Co and BUAISOU to produce a series of handmade and hand dyed flags for a public arena installation. Alongside this a series of dyeing workshops were held during London Craft Week. Participants could learn natural Japanese indigo-dyeing techniques and the project delivered hands-on Japanese artisanal craft for the first time in London.

BUAISOU (pronounced “boo-i-saw”), founded in 2012, is an artisanal collective, preserving and reviving the tradition of Japanese Indigo. Located in Tokushima Prefecture, an area of Japan known for producing Awa indigo. BUAISOU does everything from indigo cultivation and creating dyes to designing and making products.

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